Transformer Condition Assessment

Power transformer condition assessment is performed based on rated data and FAT report, load and operational history, monitoring records, on-line and off-line tests, cooling liquid tests and DGA plus visual inspection. The information is collated and analysed based on over 25 years of experience in power transformer testing, diagnosis, fleet screening and operation.

Single unit or entire transformer fleet condition assessment aims to improve reliability and reduce the risk of failure. Transformer condition assessment recommendations are tailored for each unit of your transformer fleet and will help you to reduce downtime and preventive maintenance costs, and optimize investments in spare parts.

Continuous or periodic review of monitoring records, oil tests and DGA results can be offered as a follow-up of transformer condition assessment.

Based on transformer condition assessment and continuous monitoring, the appropriate intervention at the right time can be implemented as part of Reliability Centered Maintenance strategy.

Transformer Testing, Diagnosis and Failure Investigation

To procure reliable transformers, beside an adequate technical specification, it is very important to attend the hold points during manufacturing process and to witness the factory acceptance testing. We can support with Inspection and Test Plan and Testing Procedure review, and advise regarding TP content and acceptance criteria. We can attend the hold and witness points and factory acceptance testing, and ensure that the tests are performed as per international standards, ensuring the acceptance criteria are fulfilled.

As a continuation of factory hold points inspection and witnessing factory testing, supervision or ad-hoc support during erection and commissioning can be offered.

Technical support and advice during periodic power transformer testing or during transformer diagnosis or failure investigation can be also offered. During diagnosis or failure investigation the right set of transformer tests should be employed. We can oversee the diagnosis investigation or review the test results and recommend the next step in your investigation. Beside the support during fault location investigation, technical input into root cause failure analysis is also included.

Transformer Technical Specification and Tender Evaluation

During the procurement of power transformers, either as part of a new project or for replacement of older units, a generic or detailed technical specification is necessary. We can support with the preparation of functional or detail technical specification for a broad range of transformer applications.

The support can cover the entire tender process – we prepare the technical specification, assess tenders and prepare the technical queries, identify non-compliances and evaluate resolution offered, participate at design review meetings.

Transformer Training Courses

A comprehensive transformer training courses can be delivered in house, at your location. Depending on your needs, one or two days transformer training courses can be offered. Transformer training courses will help the participants to better understand the power transformers design, construction, testing and maintenance. Please see below the content of one and two days training courses.

One day transformer training courses

  • Transformer introduction and construction
  • Transformer Ancillary Equipment
  • Transformer Testing

Two days transformer training courses

  • Transformer introduction and construction
  • Transformer Ancillary Equipment
  • Transformer Bushings
  • Transformer Tap Changers
  • Transformer Cooling
  • Transformer Testing
  • Transformer Oil Testing and DGA

Transformer Miscellaneous Services

Support in developing detailed corporate maintenance and monitoring strategies for power transformers.

Ad-hoc technical advice regarding transformer issues during operation and outages.

Assessment of upgrade projects impact on transformer remaining life, support during transformer cooling upgrade tender process.

Assess the operational impact of plant modification.

Feasibility studies.

Assess spare transformers and spare parts investment strategies.